June Refresh Recap: Link Dump and a Request

by Kevin Lawver on June 23, 2010

Thanks to everyone who attended Refresh last night! I think it went really well and I learned a lot about the different types of funding, when to go for them, and what to expect. Big thanks to Mark Bandy and Kevin Johnson for presenting, Kevin and TAG for sponsoring, and everyone who participated in the discussion.

Kevin Johnson posted several links to Twitter last night about angel funding and the “veil piercing” he mentioned:

Farmville and game theory came up. I learned pretty much everything I know about game and learning theory from Kathy Siera’s blog and her presentations at SxSW. Another great introduction to game theory is Jane McGonigal’s excellent TED talk. Phil mentioned the Skinner Box as well… I’m not sure Farmville is exactly a Skinner Box, but he may be on to something.

And now for the request. We had some new folks there last night, and that was great, but I’m having a hard time getting the word out (I am a geek not a marketer). If you know someone who you think could get something out of Refresh Savannah, please tell them. Refresh groups work best when there’s a good mix of skills (not that we don’t have that already, but we are a bit geek-heavy), and I’d love to see more designers, marketing folks (but not too many, I’m allergic), project managers and other disciplines in the mix! So, please help me spread the word and let’s see what we can turn this into!

We’ve got some great topics coming up in the next three months (yes, I can’t believe it either, we have the next three months lined up): agile development, ideation and the problem with hospitals and innovation. I’ll post more about them each when they get closer!

Also, if there are topics you’d like to learn more about or better yet, present to the group, please either post a comment or send me an e-mail (kevin@lawver.net)!


Hey Kevin,

I enjoyed Refresh Savannah very much. I’d like to share a TED Talk I was reminded of from our discussion last night. Jesse Schell’s gives a great talk about “When Games Invade Real Life.”


Looking forward to learning more about the group, see y’all next time.


by Jessica Reiling on June 23, 2010 at 10:06 am. #

Jessica: thanks for sharing that great talk, i always love futurist musing.

To anyone else who was at the last meeting, I mentioned a relevant site called Hack Forward (http://hackfwd.com/), and I strongly recommend checking out the short introductory video.

by yosef shuman on June 28, 2010 at 2:17 pm. #