Slides from “Behind Design”

by Kevin Lawver on June 22, 2011

If you’re reading this in the e-mail, you’re gonna have to go to the site to see the slides (trust me, they’re worth it). A huge thank you to Steven Scarborough and Billy Steele for presenting and for James and Phillip for showing up and sharing their perspective as the “clients” (and for bringing the coffee, which smelled awesome).

We don’t have a speaker for July, and that’s kind of OK with me. July is going to be crazy-busy for me and though Refresh doesn’t take that much time to organize, one less thing to worry about is welcome at this point. If you’d like to speak in July, let me know and we can do something, but as of now, we’ll be taking a break for July.

In August, we’ll have another design-related thing. The guys from Unmatched Style are coming down from South Carolina to give us some design/development-related talks! I’m not sure exactly what they’ll be talking about, but I’ll post a separate announcement when I get the details from them.

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Thanks for letting us share a peek into our design world. It was a great turnout and I definitely look forward to speaking about design again in the future. Should be a great talk in August, looking forward to that.

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