A Special December Refresh: What Makes a Technology-Enabled City?

by Kevin Lawver on December 6, 2011

We didn’t have Refresh last month, but we’re going to do something special this month on the 20th! The Creative Coast is helping the City of Savannah figure out what we need to do to become a real tech powerhouse in the region. Here’s their description for the meeting:

The Creative Coast wishes to gather some insightful feedback from the Savannah community on what truly makes a city connected and technology-enabled. As our city grows we want to make certain our city’s technology infrastructure advances with innovative systems and approaches. Well here is your chance. Come along, bring your ideas however wild and crazy and we will capture them and present them to the city who has patiently offered to listen.

And instead of our usual location, we’re going to do this one at The Creative Coast’s office at 15 W York St, at 6 on 12/20! So, come along and bring some crazy ideas about what we can do as a community to enable innovation! I hope to see you there!

One comment

It was so great to see a nice turn out for Refresh. I hope we can follow through and accomplish some of the ideas flowing through the room last night. Thanks to Creative Coast for providing the platform.

Portland, OR was successful in opening their public transit scheduling and arriving data to the public-over 40 projects have been created since on multiple platforms. Android, Braille machines, GPS devices, iOS, Web Browsers.


The idea about creating APIs for the city and giving citizens the freedom design outlets for that information, combined with an overhaul of the the local government’s web presence, could be a very powerful tool in making Savannah a more tech enabled community. Not to mention the reduction in time and expenses it would take for the city to manage all of these projects individually.

I love this city and would happily volunteer my time to be involved in a project like this if it made Savannah a better place for everyone. Get just a few people in a room together and great things can happen.

by Steven Scarborough on December 21, 2011 at 12:32 pm. #