Startup 101: The Slides

by Kevin Lawver on January 18, 2012

Thank you to everyone who came out last night to hear Marcus speak, and especially Marcus for speaking! Marcus sent me his slides, and has said we can share them, so go get ‘em (minus the videos)! We’ll be keeping an eye on SquidBid! And special thanks to Brady Cannon from TAG Savannah for hooking Marcus up with us!

As I said last night, we don’t have a speaker for February yet, so if you’re interested in speaking, please come forward! If you’ve already agreed to speak in February, and I’ve forgotten, please remind me (and thank you).

And I also asked you guys what you wanted to hear in 2012, so, here’s a poll you can do to tell me (you can choose up to 3):

I’ll hopefully be back in a couple weeks to tell you what’s coming up in February. Stay tuned…