June’s Refresh: Detangle your jQuery: using lessons from CoffeeScript to create better design

by Kevin Lawver on June 3, 2013

Hey, look, we’re having Refresh four months in a row! Isn’t that swell? This month, Jed Schneider will be talking about… well, let’s let him explain it:

Despite the explosion of tools and MVC frameworks for JavaScript, jQuery remains the dependency of dependencies for almost every browser based web application. And yet, for most of us, our use of jQuery tends to create the code with the most painful, rambling, and troublesome design.

This is a talk about using CoffeeScript’s native language constructs to apply what we have learned from frameworks and tools like Backbone and Bootstrap. Solutions that promise us a better experience, retain relevance and clarity in our code, and respond more easily to change.

Refresh this month is scheduled for the 18th, which unfortunately means that I won’t be there. Can I get a volunteer to MC this month? Speaking of, here are the details:

  • What: Refresh Savannah
  • When: 6/18 @ 6PM
  • Where: ThincSavannah – 35 Barnard St, 3rd floor

I would say I hope to see you there, but I won’t be there! So, I hope you make it.

Update: Erik Reagan, from FocusLab, has graciously agreed to MC this month. Thanks, Erik!

Also, don’t forget that TEDx Creative Coast is this Friday! If you didn’t grab a ticket, you can watch it live on the site starting around 9AM on Friday!

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Look forward to this…thanks for setting this up Kevin, for hosting Erik Reagan, and Jed Schneider for presenting!

by Jim Goodlett on June 3, 2013 at 2:03 pm. #