Refresh July: Measuring Time and Effort: How and How Much

Update: Due to a family emergency, we need to cancel this month’s Refresh. We’re sorry for the short notice, but that’s why they call them emergencies.

Erik Reagan from Focus Lab is going to share something awesome with us this month! Here’s his description:

Whether you’re building software, managing projects, or just driving
somewhere, you’re measuring time and effort in some way. Measuring time
and effort happens in all shapes and sizes. When driving somewhere
you’re most likely going on experience and deciding to leave when you
assume you have enough time given a set of variables such as route,
traffic, and weather. When building software the measuring is a bit more
specific and likely written down somewhere in some form. But who decides
how much to measure? How specific and precise to get?

We’re going to dig into the varying ways to measure time and effort in a
variety of contexts. Looking at our collective experiences and the
experiences and teachings of those in a few different industries we will
have plenty to discuss and debate on this topic. You will hopefully
leave with a new perspective or idea on when, how and how much to measure.

We’ll be at Focus Lab’s awesome office again, so I hope to see you there next Tuesday!

  • What: Refresh July
  • When: Tuesday, 7/15 @ 6PM
  • Where: Focus Lab: 35 Barnard St, 2nd floor

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