Refresh September: A Day in the Life of a Developer

There’s a lot of talk these days about learning to code and becoming a developer. As an ancient developer, I both love this and think it’s kind of funny. The way people talk about developers, we’re a cross between bridge trolls and Jedi, and the hyperbole around the glamorous “executive hoodies” lives we lead.

So, for those of you who are thinking of pursuing development as your career path (or second or third career path), come talk to a bunch of developers about what they do, how they do it and what keeps them going. Bring your questions about what it’s like to be a developer (rock star or otherwise) and get them answered by people who actually know what they’re talking about.

This one’s going to be a little different – and I don’t want it to be me talking the whole time. I’d love to get some developers to volunteer (either in the comments or email me – to share their “day in the life” stories about what kind of work they do, how they work, the tools you use, etc. Nothing formal and you wouldn’t have to talk more than five minutes (really).

And if there’s time, I’d also like to chat about the Developer Boot Camp that I posted about earlier, talk about what we’re planning to do and see if anyone’s interested in either attending or helping out.

What: Refresh Savannah: A Day in the Life of a Developer
When: 9/18 @ 6PM (I originally said the 17th, but that’s Monday and Refresh is always on Tuesdays)
Where: ThincSavannah – 35 Barnard St, 3rd Floor

I hope to see you there!

Refresh in July: The Downtown Tech Crawl!

We’re doing something a little different in July – and here it is! Yep, we’re doing the Downtown Tech Crawl instead! We’re going to go on a trolley tour and visit a bunch of cool tech companies around downtown, hearing a little bit about what they do, and touring their spaces. After we’re done, we’ll head back to ThincSavannah for beer and chit chat (and to meet any companies who want to play along but don’t have office space downtown).

I know, it sounds like fun, right? The deadline to register your company for the fun is the 18th, so get going!

No Refresh in May: Go to TEDx Creative Coast Instead!

There’s too much going on the third week in May this year to be able to handle Refresh too, so we’re taking a month off. What should you do with your extra time? You should go to TEDx Creative Coast! Get your tickets quick, they’re almost gone!

We’ll be back in June with another take on agile development by special request, and then we’ve got something special brewing for July that should be both different and a ton of fun. I’ll fill in the details as we get the details ironed out!

April’s Refresh: Creativity: What, Why & How

Sorry this is kind of last minute, but the wait will be worth it! This month, we’ve got Scott Thorp, a professor from SCAD, who’s going to speak on creativity! Here’s his description:

Being creative isn’t just for a select group of crazy scientists and weird artists. It is a skill from which each of us can benefit. Living in an age of abundance where we produce more than we can ever consume, creative thinking is essential to be competitive. This presentation will explain what creativity is, why it is important to everyone, and how anyone can increase their creative potential.

Sounds pretty awesome, right? And if that’s not enough, the dudes at Focus Lab will be providing pizza and beer!

And, to switch things up again (not on purpose), Refresh this month is on WEDNESDAY, the 18th at 6PM – still at ThincSavannah! I hope to see you all there!

Also, while I’ve got you, would anyone be interested in doing something like Startup Weekend in Savannah?

Refresh is Tonight!! Bring Your Resume!

I don’t know why I didn’t put this in bold at the top of the announcement post, but I thought of it this morning. Since we’re reviewing resumes tonight, you need to bring your resume with you!! And you should probably bring several copies, since there will be more than one person reviewing it!

There, warning out of the way, we can all get back to work. I hope to see you tonight at 6PM at ThincSavannah!

March’s Refresh: Resume Review & Rebuild!

I’m speaking on a panel at SxSW Interactive this year about resumes and how they conflict or support your online persona. As part of that panel, we’re going to review audience members’ resumes and do some quick googling to see what we can find out about them, then give them feedback on how to improve both their “printed” persona and their online one.

In talking to my fellow panelists and doing reviews of our own content, I thought that this could be a really useful topic for Refresh. I think all of us could use some constructive feedback on how we present ourselves. So, my idea for March is that I’ll give a really short introduction with some of the things I’ve seen in reviewing hundreds of resumes over the years, and some things that came up during the panel. Then, we’ll break into groups and each go over each others’ resumes, provide feedback, and then we’ll get back together at the end and see if we can spot any larger trends or tips.

What do you guys think? Is it useful to you?

And, of course, the details:

  • What: Refresh: Resume Review & Rebuild!
  • When: Tuesday, 3/20 @ 6PM
  • Where: ThincSavannah – 35 Barnard St

I hope to see you there with resumes in hand and ready to give and get some constructive feedback!

February’s Refresh: How Do You Run a Creative Services Business?

We have a speaker for February! Erik Reagan from Focus Lab is going to share some of the secrets he’s discovered in the three years his been running his company with Bill Kenney. I think this is a perfect compliment to last month’s presentation and anyone who’s considering starting their own creative business should come! And if you’re not thinking about starting your own creative business, why not?

Here’s Erik’s description:

I like to learn and to share with others. Over the past three years, I have learned countless lessons as a business owner – both good and bad – and wanted to share part of the Focus Lab story and detail some of those lessons. Keep in mind this will be told through the eyes of a designer and developer, neither myself or my business partner Bill Kenney considered ourselves “businessmen” when we started. Since we entered this venture with numerous blind spots, we now want to shine some light on what we have learned to help others who are going through the process. I’ll talk about things I’ve learned about running a creative services business and hope to learn something from you as well.

We’ll be at ThincSavannah at 6PM on 2/21. I hope to see you all there!

Oh, and if you’re already a part of a creative business in Savannah, check out Made in Savannah and add your company to the list!

Startup 101: January’s Refresh

Happy New Year! Refresh this month will be a doozy. Brady Cannon from TAG got us a speaker all the way from Atlanta! Marcus Crockett, the CEO of Squidbid is going to give a presentation called Startup 101: 10 Important Lessons for Startups. If you’re thinking of starting your own company or are in a startup, you should come check this one out.

We’re back in our normal location: ThincSavannah at 35 Barnard St (3rd floor) on Tuesday, 1/17 at 6PM. I hope to see you all there!

I’m also thinking of doing a Tech Book Trade-In this month too. I’ve got a bunch of geeky programming books I’m not using and don’t see myself needing anytime soon. It feels like an insult to the authors to let all this knowledge gather dust on the shelf, so I was thinking I could bring them to Refresh and you guys could help me find good homes for them all! What do you think?

I hope to see you all there!