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No Refresh For July

by Kevin Lawver on July 12, 2013

No one stepped up to speak this month, so we’re not having Refresh next Tuesday, breaking our streak of 6 months in a row. Instead of doing to Refresh this month, why not spend some time thinking about what you’d (…)

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June’s Refresh: What’s Next?

by Kevin Lawver on May 23, 2010

May’s Refresh was great fun. We have a new venue, there were refreshments and a lot of people showed up (and almost all of them stayed for the whole thing!). Now it’s time to plan June’s… and we don’t have (…)

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Links From Refresh 2009/06/16

by Kevin Lawver on June 16, 2009

We talked about a lot of different stuff tonight – so here’s a post with links to relevant information, and Phil’s slides Seo PresentationView more OpenOffice presentations from philpeterman. And if that’s not enough, here are a bunch of links (…)

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Slides for Tonight’s Presentation: The Social Media Food Chain

by Kevin Lawver on May 19, 2009

Social Media Food ChainView more presentations from Kevin Lawver.

Refresh Savannah… What’s This?

by Kevin Lawver on April 8, 2009

Hi there.  My name is Kevin Lawver and I’m fairly new to Savannah.  I’ve lived on the web for almost fifteen years now and been building web sites and applications for over a decade.  I love the web. So, what’s (…)

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