Now Find This! Search Engine Optimization

Phil Peterman was kind enough to volunteer to present and host the next Refresh meeting!! He’s going to present on Search Engine Optimization and he’s assured me that it will all be kosher, web-friendly, white hat stuff (that works and won’t get you banished to the hinterlands by Google – or ‘the goog’ as we like the call them).

We’re moving to the banquet room at Lady & Sons this time, as we just about ran out of chairs in our tiny conference room. Phil says it can hold 150 people, but it would still be nice if you RSVPed on Upcoming or here in the comments.

And here are the details:
  • When: 6/16 @ 7PM
  • Where: Lady & Sons
  • Topic: Search Engine Optimization
Hope you can make it!

Refresh Savannah: The Social Media Food Chain

We’ve got thirty votes on the poll and The Social Media Food Chain is far enough in the lead that I’m going to go ahead and close the poll (Sodahead isn’t letting me close the poll, so vote all you want, it’s not changing anything) and say that I’ll be doing a presentation titled The Social Media Food Chain on 5/19 at 7PM here at Music Intelligence Solutions (208 E Broughton St). If you’re planning, thinking about, or just pondering the possibility of coming, please please please RSVP on the Upcoming page so we have some idea of how many people will be invading our office.

I know the title is somewhat vague, and I haven’t really written the presentation yet, but the topic was inspired by a presentation I gave in London in January and something I’ve been thinking about for a while. I don’t plan on it being overly technical, just a look at the social web and how things go from idea to product, how people use them and the ecosystems that sprout up around them. That will probably change a bit as I work on it, but that’s the goal.

So, you don’t need to be a geek or developer for this one. All you need is a healthy curiosity about the web, some familiarity with a social network like facebook, twitter or flickr and be willing to show up!

Refresh Savannah First Meeting: 5/19 @ 7:00PM

I don’t have a venue yet, but I figured it would be a good idea to gauge potential attendance before I tried to find a place to hold it. If we have around 20, we can use our conference room. If it’s more, well, I’ll see what I can find.

So, write May 19th @ 7:00PM in your calendars and get ready for some fun! If you could also RSVP on the Upcoming page, that would help out a lot.

I’m also not sure what people are interested in, so I’ve created a little poll so you all can pick. Cool, huh?

update: The poll is closed and we have a winner!

Refresh Savannah… What’s This?

Hi there.  My name is Kevin Lawver and I’m fairly new to Savannah.  I’ve lived on the web for almost fifteen years now and been building web sites and applications for over a decade.  I love the web.

So, what’s this Refresh thing all about?  Refresh is about sharing knowledge – about all aspects of working on the web.  I’m a developer, so I’m most interested in web development, but Refresh can be about anything.

The basic premise is: people get together once a month, someone volunteers (preferably before we all get together) to present on something they’re passionate about for anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour and then everyone goes out and gets food and/or beverages.  It’s more than just a networking event.  The goal is to grow the skills and knowledge of everyone in the community so we can all build better stuff, get to know each other and make Savannah a cooler place to work on the web.

There are Refresh groups all over the world, and I’d love it if we could get one going in Savannah.  Since I’m fairly new here, I’m not sure what the good venues are or how to get the word out.  I’m thinking we should have our first meeting at the end of May, and I’ll gladly volunteer to give the presentation… probably on The Social Networking Food Chain (I still need to write it, but I can raid some of my other presentations).

I’ll be creating an event on Upcoming in the very near future.  If you have ideas on a venue (preferably downtown near food and/or beverage facilities and with a projector and internet access), please post a comment or e-mail me (kevin at!