Speaking at Refresh

I love it when people volunteer to speak! It saves me the time of finding someone every month (or preparing something myself). We’re a pretty technical bunch most of the time, but we love hearing from all disciplines. We’ve talked about everything from angel funding to bootstrapping to branding to 3D printing to NoSQL databases. We love everything web-related and love a good discussion. We’re also a friendly laid back group. Refresh Savannah is a great place for folks to work on their speaking skills or experiment with different presentation styles.

We almost always meet the 3rd Tuesday of every month at 6PM at ThincSavannah, which is right by Ellis Square at 35 Barnard St (in Savannah).

We only have a few things we ask of speakers:

  1. A title and description for your presentation! At least two weeks before you’re going to speak, please please please send me the title and a short description of your presentation. That way I can post it to the blog and get people excited about it (you know, so they’ll actually show up).
  2. No sales pitches. We’re here to learn how to do stuff. We’re makers, designers and entrepreneurs and marketing makes us break out in a rash. If all you want to do is give us a pitch, please don’t. If you want to tell us how you built your company/product/thing, we’re all ears!
  3. Keep it to about an hour. I like to make sure we’re done by 8, and our discussions can get crazy, so I like presentations that run about an hour, which gives us plenty of time for questions. There’s nothing wrong with going shorter than an hour! We’ve had presentations that went half an hour and no one left disappointed.
  4. Keep it casual. Like I said, we’re laid back and informal.
  5. Encourage discussion. If you don’t encourage it, you’re going to be disappointed when we start one anyway. You might as well play along!

That’s pretty much it! We’ll provide the projector and power, you provide the knowledge!

If you’d like to speak at an upcoming Refresh Savannah, please email me and we’ll figure out which month will work for everyone!

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