Refresh Savannah: Facebook Housekeeping

Three months in a row? Inconceivable! We also have a new location this month, which is exciting!

This month, we’re talking about Facebook with Jillian Stafford, who is awesome. Here’s her description:

Facebook’s mission is all about connecting people, but sometimes that goes too far. Jillian Stafford will teach you how to clean up your Facebook page, and maintain it for personal and career purposes. Learn how to control what people can and cannot see, control what type of content is shared on your page, and how to keep your Facebook experience painless and free from embarrassment.
Jillian Stafford is an award winning, nationally recognized social media manager. She handles accounts for businesses of all sizes based mostly in Savannah, Georgia. Some of her most notable brands include Parker’s Convenience Stores, Jalapenos Mexican Grill, and The Creative Coast. Jillian specializes in cultivating, maintaining and growing positive relationships between brands and their customers through thoughtful interaction and active listening.

Like I said, we’re at a new location this month: Gauge Interactive! We’re also going to try out nvite to handle RSVPs (which we’ve never done before either).

So, RSVP here (it’s still free), and we’ll see you there!


  • What: Refresh Savannah
  • When: 3/10/2015 @ 6PM (we’re moving it up a week because we don’t want to compete with St. Patrick’s Day)
  • Where: Gauge Interactive: 2413 Bull St. About parking from Mark: “There is a parking lot behind our building which is accessible from DeSoto Ave, at this time of day there will be room for people. If people choose to park in the back, it is easiest if they walk all the way around the building to the front door. There is rear entrance, but its easy to miss and hard to describe.”

Refresh Savannah: The Social Media Food Chain

We’ve got thirty votes on the poll and The Social Media Food Chain is far enough in the lead that I’m going to go ahead and close the poll (Sodahead isn’t letting me close the poll, so vote all you want, it’s not changing anything) and say that I’ll be doing a presentation titled The Social Media Food Chain on 5/19 at 7PM here at Music Intelligence Solutions (208 E Broughton St). If you’re planning, thinking about, or just pondering the possibility of coming, please please please RSVP on the Upcoming page so we have some idea of how many people will be invading our office.

I know the title is somewhat vague, and I haven’t really written the presentation yet, but the topic was inspired by a presentation I gave in London in January and something I’ve been thinking about for a while. I don’t plan on it being overly technical, just a look at the social web and how things go from idea to product, how people use them and the ecosystems that sprout up around them. That will probably change a bit as I work on it, but that’s the goal.

So, you don’t need to be a geek or developer for this one. All you need is a healthy curiosity about the web, some familiarity with a social network like facebook, twitter or flickr and be willing to show up!