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A Special December Refresh: What Makes a Technology-Enabled City?

by Kevin Lawver on December 6, 2011

We didn’t have Refresh last month, but we’re going to do something special this month on the 20th! The Creative Coast is helping the City of Savannah figure out what we need to do to become a real tech powerhouse (…)

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Refresh Wrapup – Innovation and Brainstorm

by Kevin Lawver on September 22, 2010

Thanks to everyone who showed up and Ron Pearl for giving us a great presentation!  A couple people asked for book recommendations, so here you go: Making Ideas Happen: Overcoming the Obstacles Between Vision and Reality – Josh and Brad (…)

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September’s Refresh: Innovation = Hard Work

by Kevin Lawver on September 8, 2010

September’s Refresh is fast approaching, so it’s time to get my act together and tell you what we’re talking about, right?  This month, Ron Pearl is going to talk about “Innovation”.  Wait, stop… don’t run away!  We’re not going to (…)

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