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June’s Refresh: Startups and Funding: Featuring angel investor Mark Bandy and an overview TAG’s Economic Gardening program

by Kevin Lawver on May 26, 2010

Yeah, I know I put up a poll and everything and asked you what you wanted to cover, but I’m going to pretend that was for the future and not for June. Why? Because I went out and got an (…)

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Refresh March: Brad Taylor’s Geek Metamorphosis

by Kevin Lawver on February 19, 2010

Brad Taylor from Rails Machine is going to speak at March’s Refresh (3/16 @ 7PM)! This is great news for everyone, because Brad’s about as smart as they come. He’s going to share the talk he gave at last year’s (…)

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Links From September’s Refresh

by Kevin Lawver on September 17, 2009

AWOL GeekSquad v1 on Prezi There are Murray’s slides, and he would also like you to watch this documentary on e-waste. Big thanks to Murray for presenting – now, who wants to speak in October?

Introduction to Ruby on Rails – Slides and Links

by Kevin Lawver on August 18, 2009

Welcome To Ruby On Rails View more documents from Kevin Lawver. As you can see, there are the slides. This post will also contain all the links we talk about tonight, so check back tomorrow! Here are the links from (…)

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July’s Presentation Has a Name!

by Kevin Lawver on July 19, 2009

Remember, this Tuesday (7/21) at 7PM, in the SEDA Board Room, we’re having our July meeting! I just got an e-mail from Janna and the title of this month’s presentation is: You don’t have to be called DESIGNER to think (…)

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Slides for Tonight’s Presentation: The Social Media Food Chain

by Kevin Lawver on May 19, 2009

Social Media Food ChainView more presentations from Kevin Lawver.

Refresh Savannah: The Social Media Food Chain

by Kevin Lawver on May 5, 2009

We’ve got thirty votes on the poll and The Social Media Food Chain is far enough in the lead that I’m going to go ahead and close the poll (Sodahead isn’t letting me close the poll, so vote all you (…)

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